Right Now

A short film capturing how we feel about 2020.
My goal was to create a compelling visual arc told through the vignettes written in the script. I structured the visuals and story arc around a ball of light that gradually grows until it takes over. The centred composition reflects the centrality of this ball of light where people all over the world are confused by it, in awe of it, scared of it and destroyed by it. Throughout the film, we get to see humanity in their rawest form: when there’s everything to lose.

Director: Giant Ant

Producer: Teresa Toews

Writer: Jay Grandin

Storyboard Artist: Esther Cheung

Illustrators: Eric Pautz, Rafael Mayani, Hugo Baurens, Genice Chan, Esther Cheung

Animators: Esther Cheung, Sitji Chou, Johannes Fast, Fabio Valesini, Diego MacLean, Conor Whelan, Ben Ommundson

Compositing Artists: Conor Whelan, Diego MacLean, Eric Pautz, Noah Bavonese, Johannes Fast

Music + Sound: Ambrose Yu



Official selections