Front Stroke

If jazz + space = Cowboy Bebop, rap + country = Lil Nas' Old Town Road, and musicals + cars = Grease...heavy metal + swimmers was a sure winner. Introducing Front Stroke: the heavy metal swimmers. This was a chance for us to make something wild and wacky, pushing our technique in handdrawn camera moves and distortions.

Directed by: Esther Cheung, Fabio Valesini

Produced by: Cory Philpott

Story and concept development by: Esther Cheung, Fabio Valesini

Character designs by: Sitji Chou, Esther Cheung

Illustrated by: Lou Papa, Sophia Ouellette, Rafael Mayani, Joao Lavieri

Cel Animation by: Esther Cheung, Fabio Valesini, Ben Ommundson, Louis Roba, Sitji Chou, Diego Maclean

Composited by: Fabio Valesini

Music by: Fabio Valesini, Rory Munroe


character exploration:


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